SPSL Tom Curd – Playing in the Dark

November 22, 2016

Tom Curd –

February 16, 2016

A fantastic achievement for local piper Tom Curd, who has worked hard to finally complete his first collection of tunes in the latest piping tune book to be released.

“Over the past year I have been putting all of my compositions together to write a book of tunes. It has been a long year, but I have finally got there!”

Tom’s new tune book is named Playing in the Dark, and is now available to purchase on Amazon (Click Here). Below is the description of the product from the store. We wish Tom, who currently plays with the Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band, all the success in the sale of his book and look forward to hearing his tunes being played. Below is also a link to a video where the Bedfordshire University Pipe Band play three parts of one of Tom’s tunes called : ‘Bullogy’.


This book was initially a way of putting my compositions in one place. But after a few pipers took an interest in my tunes, I wanted to make something for pipers to pick up, play and hopefully enjoy. This book includes a handful of competition style 2/4 and 6/8 Marches with a sprinkling of Slow Airs, Waltzes and Strathspeys. But the majority is split between modern style Reels, Jigs and Hornpipes with some stories along the way.


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